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Personalized Art
We provide artwork that is both individualized for you and frequency based for your highest benefit. The paintings come without frames.
Email Us HERE and tell us what you would like to have personnally made for you.  We will let you know what the timeframe and cost will be. 
Below are some examples of what others have had made for them.
personalized - signs are made to order.
materials used: oil paints, wood.
various sizes. This particular sign was 10" x 24" and 3/4" thick
Let us know what you would like on them.
Title: Shangri-la
Art for children:
materials used: oils, watercolor, or charcoal
Title: Dear Santa
- provide us with a picture and or a letter for any occasion.
Various other types of art:
Title: Metamorphis
Materias: color pencils
-provide us with what you would like to morph.
Title: Ether
Materials: gelatin and acrylics
This type of Art is made to benefit your frequencies.
To help you maintain a healthy balance.
-provide us with the name and birthdate of the individual.
Title: Laughing Man
Materials: charcoal, acrylics, ribbon, napkins, paper towels, ink
Title: Release
Materials: water colors