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The Crystal Generators are an example of a product we sell for people who have Bio-frequency devices. If you have this type of device, you can order the generators by clicking HERE.
Welcome to an exciting new compliment to frequency technology!
Crystal Generators used with Bio-frequency device units
Crystal Generators are designed to regenerate cells in the human body. Specific “blueprint” frequencies are modulated for health and wellness.  Your regular frequency instrument may deliver the necessary “carrier waves” to input an array of wellness frequencies to the cellular systems of the body. Your frequency instrument does not have to be a Rife-type instrument.  These generators can be retrofitted to many types of instruments.
Selected crystals have specific modulating characteristics that deliver “blueprint” frequencies to the cellular systems of the body.  Added are specific minerals, in solution, for their electrolytic frequency enhancement and conduction capacities. 
Pre-selected “carrier waves” from the frequency instrument are introduced into the Crystal Generator in order to stimulate each crystal to oscillate/ vibrate at its’ signature or “blueprint” frequency.  These “carrier wave” frequencies entering the Crystal Generator are then refracted into a multitude of wellness frequencies and are presented to the body for cellular regeneration.  Crystals are selected for their specific natural frequencies that will match cellular vibratory needs. Starting at the cellular level the intent is to expand health and wellness to the entire body.
Crystal Generator Design
Crystal Generators are constructed from selected crystals that have been measured for specific mineral frequencies. Only those mineral frequencies that provide a sympathetic resonance (vibration) are used to bring the cells back to their vibrational signature of life.  Minerals that provide the correct signature frequency of a system of cells will create the attunement resonance needed.
Simply stated:  When the correct carrier wave passes through specified minerals that match cellular needs of resonance.The cells immediately vibrate in attunement with the mineral frequency. We now have attunement, a tune up, so to speak, and the cell recognizes its resonant frequency, rather than the “un-tuned” frequencies caused by toxins and other Dis-ease conditions.  So the cells come into balance, full RPM just like any vehicle that has a tune-up.
The skin is the largest organ of the human body, with its trillions of cells.  Those cells are designed as antennas to receive signals of wellness and Dis-ease from the environment.  Those signals are broadcast throughout the integrated physical, etheric and fluidic systems of the body. “Blue print” frequencies re-instate cellular memory of operation: by providing the resonance of life.  These frequencies can detox and rejuvenate crystal systems of the body. The crystal generators can be used as a direct contact to the skin.  Placing the generators nearest the target organ may provide a more direct route to integrate sympathetic frequencies of need. The receiving skin will channel that energy through an inductive void to the target. 
Now consider:  We can broadcast wellness frequencies in the environment and the skin can receive and direct those frequencies to the organs!
What is the Scientific Basis for Cellular Regeneration ?
Rub the flat surfaces of two crystals together in the dark and you will likely observe a “sparking effect” within the crystals.  This is caused by “piezoelectric energy”, the same energy given off by the crystals within the Crystal Generator.  The piezoelectric effect is the displacement of ionic charges within a crystal lattice structure.  When the lattice structure is subjected to pressure, abrasion or stress, ionic charges are activated and energy movement can be observed.  Mild stimulation of the lattice structure creates an oscillation/vibration that is conductive to the human cellular system. 
The charge distribution within the crystal is symmetric and the net electrical potential is zero.  A stimulated crystal delivers no electrical charge, but now delivers a sound wave compatible to the wellness needs of the cells. There is no electric or magnetic (electromagnetic) field associated with sound or ultrasound oscillations/ vibrations or waves.  This delivery system allows all cells to receive a direct oscillation/vibration that sets up the conditions for cellular frequency resonance. 
Sound as a healing modality provides a synergistic frame work  “blueprint” for cellular and organ resonance.  Sound creates an orchestration of attunement among all cells of a system (organ, skeletal, nerve, muscular, etc.) 
A crystal is a natural piezoelectric oscillator.  Electromagnetic frequencies from the frequency instrument introduced into the Crystal Generator stimulate the crystals to oscillate/vibrate.  This oscillation converts the Crystal Generator introduced frequency signal into a suitable sound range and provides the means for cells to resonate at “blueprint” frequency.
The body’s internal wisdom’s normal response is toward health and healing when provided the appropriate means.  It knows how to heal itself and this introduced healing regenerative sound serves both as a “pacemaker” and a cellular reminder of the original “blueprint” frequency response.
The frequency instrument delivery system is complimented by the regenerative wellness frequencies produced by the Crystal Generator.  Together these modalities are intended to provide a preventive means to keep the body in balance before sickness or chronic conditions take hold.  If already in a sickened, diseased or chronic condition, the Generators provide the body with the capability to bring itself back to optimum health, wellness and vitality. 
How?  The cellular structures and systems of the body are crystalline in nature (this is why minerals are so essential for cellular support) and are able to respond accordingly via piezoelectric energy oscillations from the Crystal Generator.  The results is similar to the “tuning fork” effect with 2 separate “forks” in a room and one is struck creating an oscillation which is then transferred to the other at the same identical “tone” or oscillation/vibration.
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