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Water Crystals
Learn how it all began and how Dr. Emoto first thought about the crystalline aspects of water. See early examples of water crystals forming.
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amount of water in our bodyvarious mineralsEvery mineral in the earth is in your body! 
Every mineral in your body is in the earth.  The earth is seventy-eight per cent (78%) water!  You are seventy-eight per cent (78%) water.  When you die you will again be a part of the earth.  Every mineral, water, air and all life forms are created through the elemental shapes of “waveites”.
All “live essence” frequencies make up the frequencies of the life force of your body.  All “live essence” frequencies can be measured!  Air, water, minerals, all life forms have frequencies.
we are responsible to take care of the earth
Mother Earth provides those frequencies for you!  You cannot live without water,
You cannot live with out air, and you cannot live without the frequencies of minerals!
girl jumping for joy who is happy for lifeThe earth attracts sacred geometric shapes from the sun.  Those shapes are energized (given a life frequency) as they enter the grid system of the earth.  A multitude of shapes supports the energetic needs of all earth life forms.  All life shapes are received by inductive attraction by specific life form.
blue crystalIn geologic terms, minerals are incorporated into crystal lattice structures.  The etheric holographic template from Source and the earth's frequencies of minerals fill the patterns and a crystal is born.  Crystals are classified as to shape in the six geologic crystal systems on earth*.  All crystals have their own shape, energy and their own mineral frequencies.  Each etheric shape is re-assembled by the birthing mother.  That shape now has the inductive attraction to attract earth energy/minerals into the holographic lattice system.
organs in our body            The new “live force” will radiate its frequency for many of our life times.  The good news is:  A correct mineral, matched to the energy needs of an organ; can provide the energy to operate that organ for a considerable time!