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Here at Divine Living, we strive to help people achieve just that.  Every now and then we come across a product that has been developed and is having remarkable results with various diseases, that we can offer to individuals.  Double Helix Water is one such product. 
With the documented research, testimonials, tests, and caliber of people working on and with the product, it was not hard for us to decided to make it available through our site. 
Please read the information below, along with the provided research articles, and we believe that, like us, you will want to make Double Helix Water a daily part of your life.
Double Helix Water
What is It?
Simply put, it is water with structured stable water clusters. There are no additives or added chemical compounds of any kind. In fact it is ultra-pure—many times cleaner and with fewer contaminates than the distilled water you purchase at your local food store.
Trying to find out more about the structure of water, turned out to be a greater benefit to humans and their disease than anyone else could ever imagine.
It is not a drug or a curative agent (medicine) in any respect. But with that being said, we have numerous MD's and scores of other healthcare professionals recommended this new phase of water to their clients, patients, and family members for a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare professionals around the world have witnessed large numbers of people with many varied health problems experiencing remarkable changes in their wellness.  Something occurs deep inside the body that brings it to a natural balanced state.  People whose lives have been saved or changed greatly for the better want others to know what they think of this water—so we hear at Divine Living are helping to make that happen.
Why would I use it?
1) People have used it for preventative reasons.
2) It is all natural.
3) It has no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.
4) But many more have used it because of the imbalances they have.  It has been documented in many reports that by taking just a few drops per day of Double Helix Water, it has been very effective with imbalances such as: arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson's, memory loss, etc.  A recent pilot study on autism has shown a 73% improvement over a 3 month period.
5) Drinking Double Helix Water can assist in treating hundreds of imbalances and is great for sports performance, energy, development and overall wellness. 6) It complements all therapeutic modalities, supplementation, herbal, and pharmaceutical regimens.
7) And is even great for animals and pets.
8) More and more testimonials are coming out everyday about what Double Helix Water is doing to help people.
What research has been done on Double Helix Water?
Fifteen (15) years of research has been done by top professors at major universities around the world. The results are summarized in the book “Double Helix Water” by David L. Gann and Dr. Shui Yin Lo.  Double helix water is a fundamental discovery in particle physics and has been published in an authoritative physics journal and presented at international academic conferences. It has been found to stimulate the body’s immune response in a double blind study by Prof Benjamin Bonavida of UCLA, and also by Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., and Ph. D.
How do you take Double Helix Water?
It should be diluted in the purest water, which is either distilled or BluePrint water. Merely add three to four drops of DHW into a six to eight ounce glass of that water and drink two glasses a day. That's it!
How does double helix water work?
It repairs the meridian system to enable qi to flow smoothly.  Its mechanism is similar to the needles in acupuncture.
Which patients do doctors give double helix water to?
Their patients have immune disorders. They also also try it on people with chronic diseases.
How is double helix water made?
It is made with extremely clean water in a class 100 clean room. The details are published in Physics Letter A, Oct 2009. (see articles below)
Are there any side effects from taking double helix water?
There are no known side effects.  A very small percentage of people may feel itchy or experience other discomfort from toxins being released from the body because of the detox effect of double helix water.
Is double helix water safe for my pets? 
Yes, we have several veterinarians treating their clients’ pets with Double Helix Water.
Is anyone too old, too young, or too sick to take double helix water? 
How is double helix water different from alkaline water, Kangan water, etc. (other waters)?
It is neutral, which means pH=7 and it has an electrical resistance of 18.2MΩ-cm, which means it is without ions.
Can I dilute double helix water in the above waters? 
No, use only BluePrint or distilled water.
How should I store double helix water?  Does it need to be refrigerated? 
Avoid keeping DHW in direct sunlight and it does not need to be refrigerated.
How long before I can tell if double helix water is working for me? 
Fifteen minutes.  Infrared images prior to drinking DHW and another set fifteen minutes after drinking DHW show the difference  between these two sets of pictures and the effect it has on your body. See infrared pictures in the book “Double Helix Water” by David L. Gann and Dr. Shui-yin Lo.
If these questions and answers do not give you enough reasons to try Double Helix Water, then please look at the following articles.