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You Too, Can Experience Energy Healing
We all have aches and pains...some of us have them worse than others.  If you are interested in an alternative healing concept, and have the desire to take responsibility, for what and who you are, to feel better physically, emotional, mentally, and spiritually, then continue reading, and call us when you are done.  We are here to help you any way we can.
Let's spend a few minutes learning about a "new" method of healing. We say "new" because modern science is just starting to prove the validity of "Distance Healing,” also known as Remote Healing, Energy Healing, and Hands on Healing. The history of energy healing can be traced back 7,000 years.
Energy Healing is based on the belief that we have energy that circulates, runs through our bodies, and connects us to an all-encompassing force. Through negative emotions and negative thoughts, illness, and trauma, our energy can become unbalanced. We are all connected to a quantum field of energy. Energy is universal, never ending and available to manifest in any number of ways in your life including through the gift of "Healing.” A technique called the “DNA Linguistic Method,” is a revolution in modern energetic healing, using a twenty-five system Energy Body Scan. It allows the skilled practitioner to assist in your healing goals, even if you are 5,000 miles away. This scan may offer you the opportunity to find the right solution for conditions that have long affected your health and well-being.
So...how does this all work?
sun light giving us lifeIt's hard for many people to believe in, let alone to imagine healing an ailment without drugs, devices, needles, pressure on the body, or even in an office.  It's simply a matter of employing energy and applying it to the body to speed up the natural healing process. 
This is similar to a solar battery that collects, converts, and releases sunlight as electrical power.  People were once suspicious and fearful of using electricity.  They couldn't see it!  But the "proof" was in the effect and they used this power even though the technology (cause) involved was and is not generally understood. 
Energy can be transmitted and received over the phone, and we readily and distantly communicate over it without seeing each other.  What would we do without modern telephones...TV...computers..?! Similarly, healing energy can be sent and received by individuals in present or long distance, which is safer than electromagnetic waves generated by cellular phones. 
In fact, we are wireless bio-electromagnetic beings living in a sea of unseen energy. (Have you ever entered a room with a bunch of people in it and you got this weird feeling that you should just turn around and leave?...that is because you are feeling their energy and it was uncomfortable to you.) We are always interacting with this Life Force.  Everything is energy! 
Today the entire world runs on electricity which was unimaginable 100 years ago.  Perhaps, medicine will undergo a similar progression and the primary form of healing will be based on energy.  Everything old was once new.   We, here, think conventional medicine will become enormously more successful, kind, and affordable when it views humans as spiritual and energetic beings. 
Therapists and doctors diagnose symptoms and treat them.  We, here at Diving Living, do not diagnose, treat, or cure.  You cannot be healed by anyone or anything. Inner self healing is the only kind of real remedy there is.  Whatever (medication, supplements, diet, surgery, techniques, devices, meditation, exercise, energy..) or whomever (healer, physician, God, counselor, etc) you believe in consciously or subconsciously, will heal you.  The "placebo effect" has proven this.  Your belief governs your biology: "Mind over matter."

The body knows exactly how to heal itself, otherwise the human species would not have survived.  Therefore, the goal to re-establishing health is to discover what is blocking this innate ability.
our connection with the sun lightThe  body is always healing, although its symptoms are often misinterpreted as illness.  Underlying nearly every malady is an emotional shock conflict that you may or may not even be aware of, that disrupts the energy in the body and initiates a certain emergency biological program which brings the body out of balance.  Imagine how you would feel if your doctor viewed every symptom occurring in your body as in someway positive.  A frightening diagnose can create even more shock and "disorder" in the body.  Remember, the same Source that created the cosmos lives inside of you.
Our primary goal is to restore order and enhance your own natural healing process by first helping to relieve shock.  Elevating the consciousness from the lower, survival brain, to the higher spiritual brain, aligns the structural body in seconds, which reconnects you to your Inner Source.  From a calmer, clearer, and more balanced state, it is easier to discover what you are really feeling, and the emotional event beneath the physical condition. 
What happens on the physical level has its counter-part on different energetic levels. Often, debilitating physical issues are connected to emotional and mental imbalances. The DNA Linguistic Method is used for the Energy Body Scan assessment.  The assessment information is used to assess the energetic condition of twenty-five (25) systems of your body,  and the results of the test will be made available to you.
Strength and balance are the foundations of health, not just feeling good or bad.  You can heal yourself!  Sometimes you just need a little boost, support, and energy.  
This type of healing is NOT about using force, becoming a "survivor", living with the imbalance, or treating physical symptoms with chemicals.  Is it completely centered on ALLOWING the energy to work and trusting in the body's innate wisdom and ability to heal itself-- when permitted to. 
During the process of the assessment, we teach you how to listen to, and how to talk to your body.  You learn to take responsibility of your body. We supply you with a list of commands that the cells of your body listen to. We assist you in your effort to bring balance and coherence to dysfunctional energy systems.
We, here at Divine Living, provide for you this alternative consulting energy session. The initial assessment takes two to three hours.
Call or email us to further discuss how we can help you. When we (you and I) decide to work together, we will send you the assessment form, teach you commands (prayers, requests), and give you ideas to change the path you are presently on, to a new and brighter future. You will then have taken your first step to get started on the path of Divine Living and Being Healthy! 
We look forward to hearing from you!
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