Divine Living - Your Option to Life ... YOU Choose
Every Person has a different world programmed in the brain.  We get very protective about our information – Who is RIGHT! and Who is WRONG!  And in our system “RIGHT” is determined by knowledge acquisition, economics, and organizational power.  “TRUTH” becomes more elusive with the passage of time.  The programmed world of ours moves on and is ever changing!
New information can only be integrated into the brain when the “belief system” is open to the acceptance of “new ideas”.
Individual consciousness, when expanded to encompass a new perception can never return to its original dimension.  We live in a field of energy that is ever expanding, which can be tapped into.  That field of energy integrates into its intelligent consciousness every vibration that we create.  As we create these frequencies, they change the reality of the whole universe.  We “hue-mans” are an integral life form of that Field: 
           In this sense, we as a Spirit – are Immortal!
The Field is changed by us, as we change our reality.  And we change our reality with every perceptive thought, word and deed!  Our every word, our behavior, our total experience of life is being recorded (by frequency) twenty four hours a day for each and every life time!
At best, you should be impeccable with your words, thoughts and deeds!  You are creating Your Reality! - Your Future!   
You have all the answers...we only help you to open up and see them.
The brain is the last organ in the body to be completed! All other organs of the body were formed according to the blueprints of the living library of life (DNA) at an earlier stage; as they were essential to the internal operations of the body. The brain was then completed as a bio-computer: a recorder of life experiences and a programmable module with input/output through the five (5) senses. The bio-computer processes perceptive information.
Our brain is programmed from birth by our parents, our brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers and others. 
Our awareness of this data base is recognized through an expression of individual spiritual consciousness. Some would call this individual consciousness, the Higher-Self, the Higher-Consciousness, the God Presence, or the small voice within. It is small only because we suppress its presence; we do not listen; we use our free will through ego to override the ever presence of the “Spirit” as we move more and more into the physical.
The data base we integrate into the memory bank of the brain contains the information we experience as perception to select alternative realities in this earthly exterior experience. This temporary storage of information, if not used, is stored in the library of life. We are so occupied every minute of the day with this new physical reality that we allow our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to atrophy. (Here is where we help you to loosen up those parts of your "body" and get it to move again in order to maintain that perfect balnce you need to stay healthy)  The old adage, “use it or lose it” is appropriate; however, we must also provide balance, balance, and balance.
The data base is Human Consciousness itself, pure intelligence.
A “Source” of life that contains all common consciousness is the “All in One, the One in All.” This data base is the realm of genius. A data base of unlimited information that is available to anyone at any time, in any place. All you have to know, is where to look for it.  We here at Divine Living, help you to get that information and to start on the healing process of maintaining a healthy body.