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Our flavors consist of: 
Original, Blueberry, Lemon-Ginger,
Mango, Pomegranate,and Raspberry

Our Kombucha Tea is slowly hand crafted with the purest natural ingredients in small batch lots. We use age-old techniques, simple fermentation of parent cultures rich in beneficial bacteria and yeast.
INGREDIENTS consist of pure filtered water, organic green tea, organic black tea, organic rooibos tea, organic yerba mate tea, organic fruit flavored teas, organic cane sugar, and the live kombucha culture. (naturally fermented cultures remain in tea)

History of Kombucha Tea
 It is thought that the Kombucha mushroom originated in China or the Middle East and spread via the caravan routes of trade. The first recorded mention of the tea was in China in the year 221 BC where it was known as "the Tea of Immortality".
It is possible that thousands of years ago someone made a batch of regular sugary tea and set it aside forgetting to drink it. During the period of days that it was forgotten some rare airborne microorganisms took up residence in the tea. When the tea was tasted it was found to be very pleasant. After additional batches were made health benefits began to be noticed and its popularity quickly spread.
Kombucha Mushroom tea has been known by many names in many cultures. The word Kombucha is its Japanese name. It may have been introduced to Japan by a Korean physician by the name of Kombu around 415 AD.

Kombucha Tea Benefits
Kombucha Tea is abundant in antioxidants, which help in the prevention of cellular damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals, left alone in the body, can start a chain reaction damaging important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly, start multiplying uncontrollably or die off. Drinking Kombucha helps to eleviate this inbalance. 
Kombucha Tea also aids in the detoxification of the body. Because of its natural enzymes and metabolic acids it help to fortify your body's own ability to detox your system. Kombucha is very high in Glucaric acid, which helps out the immune system.
Kombucha Tea contains Glucosamines which are of benefit in helping to prevent many forms of arthritis. Glucosamine intake increases Hyaluronic acid production which aids in maintaining collagen, cartilage, and connective tissues lubrication and flexibility.
Many Kombucha Tea drinkers report anti-aging properties; firmer younger looking skin, improved complexion and skin tone, restoration of hair color and improved hair growth.
Kombucha Tea seems to speed up the body's metabolism in doing so it helps a person to maintain a healthy weight. The more active you are the more calories you burn. Kombucha drinkers often tell of the extra energy they experience after starting to drink this remarkable beverage and the restful sleep they enjoy before the next day begins anew. The tea seems to calm the mind, dispelling depression and anxieties.
This beneficial beverage is pro-biotic and helps to maintain a healthy gut flora for proper digestion and regularity.
These testimonials come from people all over the world.  Studies have been done over the last 130 years.
The following text information has been extracted from the web pages of Gaia Reseach of Zaire "'Kombucha Green Tea Symbiont - A Scientific Health Literature Review": 
The beneficial properties of Kombucha have been rather well documented for a full scientific century mainly by German medical research and found it to be helpful in cases of digestive disturbances, constipation, haemorrhoids, kidney stones, gall bladder problems, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, high blood pressure, angina, gout, gouty eczema, arthritis, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, irritability, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, tiredness.
The policies of the F.D.A. prevent us from stating that Kombucha cures any ailment. They require scientific studies be done before claims can be made. Studies cost many millions of dollars. The pharmaceutical industry which works closely with the F.D.A. is unwilling to conduct such studies on home cures. The F.D.A. does not conduct such studies.
Even two thousand years of positive anecdotal information about Kombucha is not good enough for the F.D.A. They will not allow us to state that Kombucha can cure any illnesses. We therefore do not make any such claim. . . So as to avoid getting nasty letters from them.

Compostion of Kombucha Tea
Various Flavonoids –
helps in the prevention of cardiovascular problems and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Various Enzymes
Probiotics – zygosaccharomyces, gluconacetobacter, acetobacter 
Acetic acid– detoxifier
Carbonic acid –
aids in CO2 release and regulation of blood pH levels.
Folic Acid –
a B vitamin, works with vitamin B12.
Gluconic acid –
acts as a food preservative and is a product of the breakdown of glucose.
Glucuronic acid –
Vital to the detoxification of the body.
L(+) Lactic acid –
detoxifier, and assists in blood circulation.
Usnic acid – an anti-bacterial agent.
Amino acids –
aids in the body's production of Growth Hormone (GH).
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) - believed to aid in the prevention of arthritic conditions and an immune system stimulant.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - believed to aid in the prevention of allergies.
Vitamin B3 (Niacin, niacinamide) –
believed to aid in prevention of arthritic conditions. Aids in healing of skin tissue.
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - believed to aid in the prevention of atherosclerosis, and free radical damage.
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) - believed to aid in memory and learning functions.
Vitamin C (from Lactic acid) - numerous known health benefits, too many to list. 
What is a Kombucha Mushroom?
The Kombucha Mushroom is not a true mushroom but pseudo lichen. It is a fibrous cellulose spongy membrane that is formed by the various Kombucha bacteria and yeast cells that live in the liquid sugary tea. It is primarily grown to act as an evaporation cap to keep the tea from evaporating and also to prevent other microorganisms from getting to the sugary tea. It has no sex, and produces no seeds or spores for the purpose of reproduction, but within the cells of the membrane are contained the same bacteria and yeasts cells that exist within the tea. When added to a new batch of tea you introduce these bacteria and yeasts which quickly colonize it, cause the tea to ferment.
Can drinking this tea harm me in any way?
Kombucha tea is safe to drink and even the Federal Drug Administration has indicated it is safe provided it is prepared in a clean manner like any other food or beverage you are planning to consume. Millions of people drink Kombucha daily and see positive benefits from doing so. A lot of people pose the safety question about Kombucha because they mistakenly believe it to be a mushroom and they are aware that some mushrooms are poisonous. Kombucha is not a mushroom; it is something more like lichen, a simple plant.


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