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Dark Chocolate
Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free 
 infused with different blends of herbs, spices and flower essences.
- Chai spice infused Wei Gratitude
- Chili infused Wei Love
- Mocha infused Wei Inspired
- Citrus infused Wei Joy
- Pure dark Wei Relaxed
- Pure dark Wei Pure
You'll love the yummy variety  that range fromfrom 65% cacao Wei Gratitude to 74% Wei Love, each with its own blend of organic herbs, spices and flower essences working behind the scenes to balance body and mind.
And for the purists, there's pure dark 70% cacao Wei Dark and 68% cacao Wei Relaxed.
Wei Inspired and Wei Joyful are sure to please those who love smooth, cocoa buttery goodness with a hint of delicious extra flavor.
Each one also contains hand-collected essences from Lotus Wei to balance the body along the acupuncture meridians.
With only 2 grams of carbs and 30 calories per piece, it’s the perfect healthy chocolate to let melt in your mouth whenever you need a two-minute break to remind yourself to breathe deeply and enjoy the present moment.
The 6 oz bag contains 24 pieces that you'll savor with delight.
The 1/4 pound box contains 16 pieces that is sure to be appreciated!
To read more about the best chocolate in the world!
offered only in Ohio at this time
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Our Kombucha Tea is slowly hand crafted with the purest natural ingredients in small batch lots. We use age-old techniques, simple fermentation of parent cultures rich in beneficial bacteria and yeast.

INGREDIENTS consist of pure filtered water, organic green tea, organic black tea, organic rooibos tea, organic yerba mate tea, organic fruit flavored teas, organic cane sugar, and the live kombucha culture. (naturally fermented cultures remain in tea)


Kombucha Tea Benefits

This beneficial beverage is pro-biotic and helps to maintain a healthy gut flora for proper digestion and regularity.

- Abundant in antioxidants
- Aids in the detoxification of the body. 
- Has natural enzymes and metabolic acids
- Very high in Glucaric acid
- Contains Glucosamines 
- Increases Hyaluronic acid production

Many Kombucha Tea drinkers report:
 - anti-aging properties; firmer younger looking skin, improved complexion and skin tone
 - restoration of hair color and improved hair growth.
 -seems to speed up the body's metabolism in doing so it helps a person to maintain a healthy weight.  - often tell of the extra energy they experience after starting to drink this remarkable beverage
 -restful sleep they enjoy before the next day begins anew. 
 -seems to calm the mind, dispelling depression and anxieties.

These testimonials come from people all over the world.  Studies have been done over the last 130 years.

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