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One of God’s Greatest Gifts…Water
One of His greatest gifts is water. As babies in our mother’s womb we are the closest we can be to our Creator, because at this point in our life cycle we have the highest percentage of water in our body.  In fact, the very catalyst of life is the water of protection and growth in the womb.  It is no accident the birth process begins with the “breaking of water” announcing the arrival of a new being.  Once this aqueous life force is diminished to a specific level, we return to God.
Our planets life force is also dependent on water.  Two thirds of its surface is water.  All of its life and substance is dependent on water.  Everything grown, manufactured, processed, or that exists, is due to this unique combination of elements.  Water is everything. 
Since we have dominated the planets waters ability to heal and nurture, as He intended, has become a lost art.  Water is Life.  Why else would He tie our existence, life force, and health to this substance?  Our folly socially and spiritually is the deplorable way we treat and take for granted this benevolent gift.  Water needs to be accorded the love and gratitude it deserves, not be so blatantly abused.
In the creation, water is the alpha and the omega of life, which is the core and the beauty of the plan.  This perfection of plan included us as Partners with water.  Our Partnership with water is essential to health.  Water is more than a simple combination of elements.  Water will adsorb absorb all of the other elements of this universe either in physical and/or harmonic energy form.  Meaning, once we remove physical pollutants, the harmonic frequency, or resonance, of that pollutant remains in the water.  This affects all living things as if the physical pollutant was still present.  Water, like a computer, has a memory which can be programmed or erased. Water retains, in multiple forms everything it contacts; including physical pollutants and their energy, to subtle pollutants and their energy, and infinite combinations thereof.
Water will retain subtle energy created by thought, color, harmonics, the written word, intentions, and physical variances of temperature, minerals, metals, chemicals, bacteria, virus, and all other pollutants it is exposed to.
Our standard methods of “cleaning water” to receive its gifts, is in technological infancy.  The drinking standards imposed globally only address the physical pollutants, and in most cases, is nothing close to what is intended.  In all the technologies we profess to know and understand, the truth of water has been lost in scientific ignorance.  Most scientists argue that current treatment technologies are adequate to make water safe for consumption.  His plan wasn’t to make water “safe” for consumption, it is meant to enhance and enrich our very existence.  Only when we emulate natural processes, removing all pollutants and the energy of those pollutants, then naturally blueprint water for its life gifts can our bodies receive the water as planned.  Currently, none of the man made processes emulate nature’s method of balancing pollutants, then replacing natural health harmonics to open our cellular structure for toxin removal and hydration.  This is how water aids the body for repair and health on a cellular level.
Like most industries, the water treatment industry is driven by customer perception and greed instead of truth.  The one hundred billion dollar per year bottled water industry is evidence of society’s acceptance of these half truths.  Imagine a society where all the water we consume is perfectly balanced as nature intended, has no negative energies, detoxifies the cells and fights disease.  Where the utility water we use to carry waste from our environment is imprinted with the correct harmonics so the pollutants can not become soluble, easing treatment and disposal processes.  Where all food is grown in perfect balance with water that stimulates natural growth and harmonics for health.  By honoring and valuing the life force of water we can have the partnership God intended of this gift, for the planet and all its species.
Only a true understanding of water will reveal its gift of life for this planet.  Our studies need to be directed towards the natural balance of this life force, not what we perceive to be truth.  Nature has been treating water for millions of years with a great deal of success, this is evident based on the planets history.