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Questions and Answers:
Many questions have been asked to us concerning the BluePrint Water Unit. Below are the answers to the majority of those questions.
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Does it matter if I run cold or hot water through the machine?
YES! You can only run COLD water through the unit at all times. As a precaution, run COLD water through the faucet before hooking your machine, so there isn’t any hot water going through the machine at anytime. Always make sure there is NO hot water in the faucet line before running water through the unit. There is a safety device in the back of the unit not to allow any water hotter than 105° to go through the reverse osmosis filtering unit. When hot water is run through, it melts the line, which would need to be repaired, at a cost to the consumer. Again, use cold water 100% of the time.

Is there an on/off switch for the unit somewhere so that we don't have to keep plugging in and out the unit?
The unit has an on/off automatic sensor located inside. It is electrical and must be plugged in to an outlet for it to work properly. You may leave the unit plugged in all the time. It does not hurt the machine. When the water drops below a certain level, it will automatically turn on (if the faucet is on), otherwise it will wait until the faucet is on and water is flowing through the unit.

Do you have to completely empty the tank before making more water?
No, the unit will automatically fill the reservoir whenever the water level falls below the automatic sensor if you leave the unit plugged into an outlet and the cold water faucet on. Most people leave the unit on the faucet with the water on and the unit plugged in all day so they have a continual supply.

How far should we allow the machine to fill?
You need to let the unit fill up and shut off automatically by the sensor.

Can it cover the top of the Pyrex crystal holder?
Yes, the unit has an automatic shut off. Hence that is why it has to be plugged in to an electric outlet. The water will cover the crystal generator.

Do we need to wait until the automatic shut-off happens in order to give the machine enough time for the frequencies to be imprinted in the water properly?

How long does it take before the water has the proper frequencies in it?
When the unit is filled and shuts off, the water is ready to drink with all frequencies imprinted. So then you do have to wait for the complete cycle - and not just make 1/2 a batch.

How long will the water have the imprinted frequencies?
The water will have frequencies as long as you keep the water up around the crystal generators...that's with a turned off unit? Once the unit has filled and shut off then as long as the crystal tube is surrounded with water, the water will have frequencies. Frequencies in the water, from the water unit, will keep the frequencies if refrigerated 18 to 24 hours. Water straight from the unit (outside the tank and away from the imprint crystal) and not refrigerated will keep the frequencies for up to 18 hours.

What is the ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) of the water?
The ORP of the water will change because the water in all areas is different. The ORP will adjust according to the 1,000th micron carbon filter and the Reverse Osmosis Membrane. This will stay in a balance that is healthy for the body.

What is the PH of the water?
To better explain the pH of the water you need to know that the pH of the water in the reservoir is not important. The duodenum (into which the stomach opens) has an operational frequency of “Live Essence units”. When this organ is in balance, the pH of the body remains at 7.2 to 7.5. There is a master frequency in the crystals that imprints the live essence into the memory of the water. Consequently, if you continually activate this organ with its own Blueprint frequency it will maintain the correct balance. The result of this correct balance produces an alkaline water and can be measured as the water exists the bladder of the human body. The important thing is to measure the urine, if the pH is correct there, then it is correct in the fluidics of the body.

What sort of Blueprint does the crystal imprint into the water?
The Blueprint is a frequency generated by the crystals that imprint in the memory of the water, (a tuning fork) response that brings the organ into harmonics with its own operating efficacy. Every organ has an operational efficacy, (Blueprint frequency); when diminished by an energy blockage, it can be restored by imprinting a matching frequency in the water.

I have a Bovis/angstrom reading of 10,000,000 units on the unit's processed water. Is this correct to your findings?
We are using a piezo-photonic integration of light to change the spin of the electron flow in the lattice system of the hexagonal structure of SiO2. In effect that energetic change disintegrates the imprint of all man-made etheric pollution. Thirty five million (35,000,000) Bovis/angstrom units of light are needed to accomplish this memory cancellation. The Blueprint vortices unit produces up to 44,000,000 angstroms. The human body’s need for light varies between 8,000,000 and 12,000,000 Bovis/angstrom units. A good balanced input of 10,000,000 “live essence units” will provide the 10,000,000 Bovis/angstrom units that you are measuring. Once the memory cancellation has occurred; Blueprint frequencies that are needed to balance the physical body parts can be re-introduced into the water. The water frequency then will deliver matching “Live Essence” to the inductive body part. That body part will synergistically resonate in perfect balance with the “live essence” frequency.

How many frequencies does the unit's processed water contain?
There are presently many harmonic frequencies, but only a few Blueprint frequencies are needed to produce the other harmonic tuning fork frequencies. For individuals that have had the machine for at least 1 year, they have the option to update the crystals to carry an increased number of frequencies. Crystals must be exchanged and/or updated every 18 months.

Our unit does not meet the recommended/required run-off amount. It says there should be 4-8 oz. every 30 seconds, but we only get about 2 ounces. Not all water will have that amount of run-off as stated in the instruction manual. There are several reasons why the run off may not run out as fast as documented: it could depend on how “polluted” the water is going into the unit, it may also depend on the water pressure going into the machine, or the filters may be ready to be changed.

If you could compare the unit's processed water to something else or categorize the end result water, how would you describe it? 
Much Healthier! It is a pure water that now contains an imprint of “Live Essence” that in Biblical times was called a “Living Water”. We can imprint a cleared water with the “Live Essence” to match the Blueprint frequency and the master imprint needed by each group of cells that have specific functions.

Are there any other filters in the water unit beside the crystal frequency generators? If so, what type?
Four (4) filters in the unit:
A) Inline sediment filter – 8 to 18 month service
B) Inline pre-carbon filter – 8 to 18 months
C) Reverse Osmosis Membrane – 2 to 3 years
D) Inline post-carbon filer – 16 to 24 months
E) Vortices Chamber - 4 to 5 years
This is all dependent upon what type of water you are putting through the machine, ie. well, hard, soft, mineral content… There is a schedule in the book that comes with the unit. We are working with the manufacturer of the unit to get a light indicator for when the filters need replacement. For now – look in the book.

What is the service life of the unit, and how long before components need to be replaced?
Crystal generators - 18 months service life - one set is needed in the unit. The unit itself is powered by water pressure, not moving parts to wear out. Unless it is mistreated or broken it should have a very long life.

What is the filter cost and would we need to purchase them from you?
Yes, you can purchase the filters through us, at Divine Living. On average, you will need to replace three of the filters every year (about $39), and the membrane every other year (about $38). Prices are subject to change. If you all ready have a reverse osmosis unit attached the your house, the filters may last up to three years before needing to be replaced.

Does the water reservoir need cleaning?
Yes, prior to use – flush it by filling and draining two times. Every one to two months the reservoir should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. Directions are provided with the Unit. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean the inside of the water tank.

I have a well. What is the minimum pressure that Blueprint Water Unit needs in order to work properly?
The absolute minimum pressure needed for the Unit to work is 35 psi. If your water pressure does not meet this required minimum psi, the Blueprint Water Unit can be ordered with a pressure booster pump which will maintain at least a 60 psi.

Where do I put the crystal tube?
The Crystal Generator can lie in the bottom of the reservoir.

Does the processed water contain signature frequencies of all minerals?
No, there are  quite a few Blueprint frequencies in the Crystal Generators and that in turn synergistically activates other resonance frequencies. There are approximately 400 cellular group frequencies in the body that mineral combinations can bring into balance. At this point we have concentrated on a smaller number of master frequencies. The frequencies in the water go into the body, which help to maintain the balance on a continual basis as you drink the water. This is why it is called a “Living Water”.

When you put the water in a carry bottle, I know it is good for 12 hours, but must it be in a bottle made of glass or metal?
The hard plastic is safe; and glass, of course, is very good. The best is the bio-protein LE Geyser water bottle.

Also regarding ice cubes should they be made in a metal or plastic tray?
Better to use plastic trays.

How did you get the idea for the crystals in the unit?
We have researched many indicators of crystal technology. The Crystal Generators, however, are a composite of education, i.e. geology, industrial technology, medical field information with a German doctor and unpublished Russian research related to DNA frequency and the five senses of the human body.
How much will my family save bottling my own water using the Blueprint Water Unit?
According to The International Bottled Water Association: the average family of four (4) to six (6) members, spend $1,600.00 to $2,600.00 per year for bottled water. The price of bottled water will pay for your Blueprint Water Unit in less than a year! Bottle your own!

Is there a possibility of emotional release that could be caused by drinking the Blueprint Water?
Yes, there is theoretically a possibility! As the Blueprint frequencies are delivered through the imprints; other frequencies begin to harmonize with them, and subsequent emotional toxins could be released. These toxins could be experienced as physical feelings.
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