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Weekly Word
Webster’s Dictionary states that “spiritual” has to do with the spirit or the soul, as opposed to material things.
Webster is a great source, but, we have to look within ourselves to find the deeper meanings of what spirituality is. And of course, we will all end up with different definitions of what spirituality means for us.

No matter what tradition we look to, though, every teacher and scripture says something about the importance of being present. No matter what creed or religion, no matter the era one lives in, spirit resides in the now. Today, being spiritual begins with accepting the world as it is.

The world is crazy, fast, polluted, always filled with wars, overpopulated...I could go on with the list of what people often complain about, yet the point is that all of these          so-called “con’s” are real parts of the world we live in.
Acceptance, or “loving what is,” being “spiritual” and present, means we must start from here.
This week, when you find yourself thinking and worrying about the past and the future and getting all worked up, bring yourself back to the present and "be present" and thankful for where you are...this is where you are supposed to be.

Many Blessings To All