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Do You Know What You Are Drinking?
drinking BluePrint waterWith the exception of clean air, there is no other  element in nature as important for sustaining life as pure water.  Every element has a frequency.  Of any water attainable, rainwater comes closest to being pure.  But even rainwater is often unwholesome    because it gathers many impurities as it falls through the atmosphere.
Toxins Anyone?
faucet with chlorine in itRemembering that every element has a frequency, consider this.  Every day, millions of people flush their medications and urinary diseases, which all have a frequency of their own, unknowingly, into the ground water, which then feeds into our commercial water supplies. Thousands of dollars are spent annually buying bottled water, reverse osmosis water machines, distillers, alkaline, ozonators, and filters.  We think that we are drinking pure water. Think again. Even after filtration, the harmful frequencies that are in the photographic memory of the water, have not been removed and consequently, end up in your kitchen faucet...and then we drink it!  
The most polluted bodies of water in the world belong to human beings.
Would you wash your clothes or do your dishes in dirty water?  Of course not, so why do you think it is acceptable to drink dirty water expecting it to flush the harmful toxins out of your body? 
The Blueprint Water Unit, the only one of its kind, is designed to purify, erase, and blueprint, your water with frequencies that match the energetic needs of your entire body.
A human body in perfect balance can support no disease!
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