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To begin to understand the ZeroPoint Pendant and the ZeroPoint Power Plate, it’s important to review the various opinions regarding the true nature of reality.
zeropoint energyHuman beings tend to think or speak of reality in a material sense when, indeed, even the most quarrelsome Newtonian physicist would have a difficult time insisting that we live in a purely physical universe. The truth is, science has yet to find a truly physical particle anywhere, thus odds are, we effectively do not live in a physical universe. We live in an energetic universe or one that does not have physical properties. However, people have the illusion of physical properties, and for that reason, most operate in that realm.
Nevertheless, our environment is such that we perceive everything as being physical. In actuality, everything is affected by the non-physical, because, in fact, that is all there is. We, therefore, have to decide how to maximize our experience using the tools that are available. To start, we must gain an understanding of energy and its place in our perceived reality. When understood, it’s feasible to begin utilizing the non-physical tools that can amplify our efficiency within our third dimensional arena.
Man-made Chaos
child playing in electrical outletIt is a well known fact that our bodies are under constant stress by conditions that are man made and virtually invisible to the human senses. EMF’s and ELF’s transmitted over Sine waves can penetrate right through the physical body. The stress creates weakened immune function. Any device plugged into the wall, high-tension power lines, cell phones, computers, satellites, microwaves, radio and TV signals are emitting waves which travel into the body, creating significant imbalance in the body’s naturally occurring bio-field.
kids hair stands up because of energy around us
When the immune system is weakened, the body cannot perform optimally and becomes vulnerable to adverse effects such as bacterial fungus, viral infection or even worse, degenerative conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on. 
Scalar Waves and ZeroPoint Energy
scalar waves around the bodyZeroPoint technology works with energetics that are non-hertzian. The language of physics talks about waveforms, particles and so on. The field that is created by the ZeroPoint technology is known as a standing wave or a scalar wave. This means it is not moving or undulating, nor does it have amplitude. It is a square wave and is not of a three dimensional quality. Therefore, we do not have tools to measure it with our third dimensional senses; yet it exists, all the same.
Why can't science measure ZeroPoint Energy?
We do not, as yet, have the tools or technologies to measure zero point energy from the perspective of a scientific Newtonian mind, because we are within a box trying to measure something outside the box. Ultimately, the box will have to expand. Although quantum physics has been around for over one hundred years, the classic Newtonian model is still prevalent. Quantum Mechanics however, is forcing its way into academia and science because we can no longer explain the nature of reality based on the Newtonian model.
As it stands today, although we don’t have the scientific instrumentation to measure the Zero Point field, we do have a measurable effect that is created by this field. Science and research is quickly catching-up and mainstream science is now considering the usefulness of quantum scalar waves. The theories have thrived for some-time however, because of mainstream resistance, much of the science has failed to reach practical application. Until now. The technology now exists to utilize the Zero Point energy form without threatening established, vested communities.
The ZeroPoint Technology
pendant with frequencies embeddedZeroPoint Products create a safe cocoon, which neutralizes the chaotic inbound energies of the outside world and neutralizes it before it reaches you. When you wear the Zero Point Pendant you are not impacted by the energies produced by modern technology. These frequencies are literally combed-out, creating order before it reaches into your system.
How do we know it works?
muscle testingThis is easily demonstrated with kinesiology, a simple muscle test. Put yourself in front of a microwave oven or a computer screen and hold your arm straight out to your side. Have someone apply pressure above your wrist while you try to resist. When your energy field is being compromised, your brain is unable to effectively communicate to the muscles. You will be unable to resist the pressure being applied to your arm and it will weaken. Then put on the ZeroPoint Pendant and perform the same test. You will experience a very noticeable difference in your strength. There are many more simple tests you can perform at home that will demonstrate the impacts that modern-day environmental energy is having on the human body.
Your job is to keep yourself in a coherently "balanced" energetic state.