Our Story

When a registered nurse and entrepreneur met in 1988, sparks flew. Those sparks led to four beautiful children. But life does what its known to do and threw the couple, Amy and Mark, for a loop.

Their fourth child, Preston, born in 2000, became very ill during his first weeks of life.  He seemed to be allergic to anything and everything. As soon as he ate, his stomach would become bloated and he would gasp for breath. The doctors didn’t have any idea why he seemed to be allergic to everything. As the couple looked down at their fourth little miracle struggling to survive, they were beside themselves.

The white coats said Preston would spend the rest of his life on drugs. He would not be able to run, play, or live a normal life because of his severally weak respiratory system… on the off chance he survived. But the little guy was a fighter. He was finally released from the hospital… only to make routine trips to the emergency room for the next six months, spending more time in the hospital than his own home.

He was put on the respirator for a second time. God surely had to use a dump truck to carry all the prayers the young parents sent to heaven. Amy knew something had to give. She decided if he got off the respirator, she would care for him naturally, without prescription drugs. Amy took the knowledge she used a nurse and learned everything she could about alternative healing. She incorporated her new knowledge with the skills she learned as a nurse to help Preston. She changed his diet (as well as the entire family’s diet), took him off all drugs, administered supplements and physical therapy.

With that, there was nothing left to do but pray for the best and let the body heal itself. And boy did Preston thrive. Today his is a healthy senior in high school who plays varsity soccer and baseball, something the doctors said would be impossible.

But impossible is a funny word. It can morph into possible, then possibly, then probably, to where it’s completely unrecognizable as it sits in the hands of God in the form of a present.  Thanks to an obstacle that was once thought to be impossible (an Imprisoned Mindset made POSSIBLE), the family of six thrived with their new diet that incorporated fermented vegetable and drinks, discovering a more rich, happy, and balanced lifestyle. For the family of six, Divine Living Kombucha Tea is the symbol of God’s hands morphing an imprisoned mindset into a fulfilled lifestyle. They all saw the benefits their homemade tea offered their family and wanted to share it with the community, in hopes of extending God’s gift of a brighter future for all the little Prestons and struggling people out there.

The family collectively decided that if they are lucky enough to go commercial with their honest beverage, no ingredients or procedures would be sacrificed for price.  Kombucha is a healthy intestinal beverage that everyone can drink if it is produced properly.  The Stevens family bottle it in a dark glass bottle in order to keep the healthy bacteria and yeast from dying before people drink it. A tight cap seals freshness into every bottle. Each batch is handmade and personally delivered to every store. Mark takes pride in switching out any older bottles on the shelves for newer one, to ensure only the best reach customers. It is the family’s goal to deliver the best tasting beneficial probiotic drink on the market. Along with the tea, the family sells a plethora of other beneficial products such as fermented foods, natural beauty/bathing products and dry goods for all to enjoy.

As you decide to join the Divine Living Family, we hope instead of making an imprisoned mindset possible, we all work to make an enlightened mindset and lifestyle possible.

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Many Blessings,

From the Stevens Family

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