Linen sprays may be used on fabric, bedding, clothing, furniture and skin for a fresh scent. Shake the bottle well before each use and liberally spray as desired. The alcohol allows this spray to last for months without the need for refrigeration.

This contains oils from our Citrus 5 essential oil blend, including Tangerine, Orange, and Lemon oils, which gives this spray a bright clean citrus scent. It is a relaxing, calming blend loved by both children and adults. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, it helps to support the immune system and the overall well-being of the body while bringing about creativity and feelings of joy. Stimulates the right brain to amplify creativity and well-being as well as helps to alleviate anxiety.  It also works well either in an air purifier or diffused. Researchers found that diffusing a citrus fragrance in an office environment improved mental accuracy and concentration by up to 54%. When diffused, you will find it leaves a fresh clean scent to any environment.

Besides the previously listed essential oils, it includes filtered water and alcohol.

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