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Respire is a combination of deeply soothing essential oils to provide breathing comfort. Respire’s oil blend consists of ravensara, wintergreen, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, myrtle, myrrh, and menthol. It has been formulated to assist the respiratory system with any imbalance brought on by our immediate environment, i.e. physical surroundings, mental or emotional issues, inflammation, etc.  Also, because of its wonderful fragrance, you will feel like using it every night.

Sleep. Rub a few drops of Respire oil on the chest, throat, and shoulders before bedtime to get good quality sleep.

Overactive Children. Diffuse Respire oil in the room to calm the emotions of overactive or hard to manage children.

Massage. Mix Respire oil with massage oil for a relaxing massage. Apply on the chest and lungs and then apply a hot wet towel compress for about 15 minutes.

Cough / Congestion. Rub a few drops on your throat and chest then inhale the palm of your hands.

Daily Stress. Put Respire on bottoms of feet, then inhale the palms of the hands.

Air Purifier / Household environment. Diffuse Respire to help breathing in the indoor environment.

Flu / Infection.  Apply on the forehead, shoulders, and feet.  Breathe in deep the fragrance in your hands.

Cold Sores. Apply directly on the cold sore a few times per day.

Digestion.  Rub in a few drops on the stomach and abdomen areas.

Cramps. Apply Respire on the abdomen and lower back areas.  Rub in.

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