Raspberry Vinegar

Raspberry Vinegar


INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, kombucha culture*, green tea*, raspberries*, hibiscus*, cane sugar*, natural raspberry flavor (naturally fermented cultures remain in tea) *Organic

This 12 fl. oz. raspberry vinegar taste lightly of raspberries and doesn’t contain as harsh of a bite as most vinegars do. This is delicious in a little bit of warm water and honey in the morning to wake up your digestive track. It is also great for dressings, marinating, and cooking.

Our vinegar is our Certified Organic kombucha tea that has been fermented for 9 months to a year. Therefore, it has all the same health benefits our tea has – improves gut health with probiotics, boosts immune system, aids the digestive system and much more.

This is a live fermented food. Strands of culture may appear, which can be consumed or strained.

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