Blueprint Water Unit

Blueprint Water Unit


The Blueprint Water Unit is designed to do it all; purify, erase, and blueprint your water with the frequencies that nature had intended—those frequencies that ultimately rebalance each organ, gland, or body part.

When Blueprint Water is consumed, it opens the cellular structure of the body to flush existing toxins from the cells and allow the cells to re-hydrate and repair naturally. Consumption of Blueprint Water will over time, return the body to its balanced state. Most people reach their correct hydration level within eight to ten weeks of consuming Blueprint Water. However, since each body will contain different pollutants, the actual hydration process may occur faster or take longer for each individual.

The counter top Blueprint Water Machine will produce water that can be used for all drinking water, beverages, and cooking. When Blueprint Water is removed from the machine, it will retain all of its properties for a time of 18 hours. Normal maintenance is required once per year at a minimal cost, besides the regular cleaning of the unit. Nature’s gift of a hydrated and balanced body is health!

How it works:

Purify it
The first step is to purify your water from it’s source through a four-stage, reverse osmosis system.

Erase it
Although the water is now purified, it still has the bad memory, or imprints, of chemicals, toxins, and diseases acquired from it’s source. Through a retro-fitted, twin-vortices primary technology, the Blueprint Water Unit erases all of the harmful frequencies in order to now start with a clean slate.

Blueprint it
Crystals, that Mother Earth has provided, blueprint, or re-create the frequencies into your water that human nature requires every organ, gland, or body part to have so as to function harmoniously and energetically.

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