Fermented Beet Slaw

Fermented Beet Slaw


NOTE: This product is heat sensitive and an in-store product only during the summer months.

Vegan - Certified Organic - Low Carb – Low Cholesterol – Probiotics - No preservative – No MSG

INGREDIENTS: Cabbage*, Beets*, Apples*, Filtered Water, Salt, Divine Living Vinegar* (*Organic)

Our certified organic fermented beet slaw is an amazing versatile vegetable dish, great by itself, as a side dish or on a variety of foods to enhance flavor. With a fresh, crunchy, not overly sweet taste, it will perk up any salad with flavor, aesthetics and probiotics.

Our slaw is unique, in the fact that it utilizes cabbage and apples, along with our in-house Divine Living Kommbucha Vinegar to create a full-bodied earthy tang.

It’s not sweet like many commercial pickled beets, as we prioritize health and a Divine Living.

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