Raw Sauerkraut

Raw Sauerkraut


Vegan - Certified Organic - Low Carb – Low Cholesterol – Probiotics - No preservative – No MSG

INGREDIENTS: Cabbage*, Salt (*Organic)

Our certified organic old fashion raw sauerkraut taste like the olden days. Just like the old timers who know what flavor really means, we’ve carefully picked the best organic cabbage heads and combined them with pure sea salt. Them we pound the mixture and ferment it in ceramic crock, letting time bring out that full-bodied rich sauerkraut taste.

Since we don’t’ had any chemical to speed up the fermentation process, our sauerkraut contains millions of probiotics, which aid digestion and support gut health.

Enjoy this by itself, as a side dish or on a variety of food for a boost of probiotics and tangy flavor with every bite!

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